3 Ideas On How To Entertain Children In The School Holidays

Children are naturally creative and imaginative. They can amuse themselves for long periods of time. However when the school holidays begin and their usual routine is broken, you may want to schedule some fun activities to entertain children. Often these activities may be influenced by the weather, and you can opt for indoor or outdoor activities accordingly.

1.Plan the Day

A lazy day spent doing things that kids enjoy can be quite satisfying. However too many days spent without a plan can get boring. And so, it is a good idea to plan activities for a few days in the week. To entertain children you can plan to visit a museum or a gallery, or could go to the local leisure center.
You could also plan a movie day, and make some popcorn and watch a film that the children will enjoy. After the movie is over you could plan art and crafts influenced by the film. Harry Potter fans could make wands, and memorize poems and spells. If the film you watched was shot in a foreign location, you could take out an atlas and search for the country. Use the internet to discover more about the culture of the land.

2.Outdoor Fun

Children enjoy the outdoors. You could gift them their own gardening and growing set. It is a good idea to offer them a flower bed or patch where they can grow their own plants. Playing with a ball or a Frisbee is fun, and also helps the children burn some energy. Keep some bubble wands and bubble guns handy. It would be wise to have a few extra bottles of soapy solution ready. Even the most ordinary day can be transformed into something special when children can make some spectacular bubbles.

3.Indoor Activities

If the weather does not permit the children to play outdoors, plan a few indoor activities. You could choose a fun and delicious cooking or baking project, and work on it with the children. Age appropriate books, toys and puzzles can offer hours of joy and satisfaction, and will entertain children.
You may also plan some art and crafts projects for the children. They could make a scrap book that would include pictures and details of all they did in the school holidays. Children love to collect mementos of fun times. They may like to place ticket stubs from a movie they watched, museum tickets, leaves they may have collected and photographs that were taken during the holiday.

Birthday Party Activities

There are all sorts of things that people do for their birthday, which might include visiting a special restaurant or go out to the movies. While children might also enjoy a treat, they are more likely to want to have a party in one spot and have activities that are unique to emphasise the importance of the day. Young children want attention and the opportunity to feel important, so birthday party activities for young kids usually keep this desire in mind.

So what could be perfect? An activity that seldom happens on other days is a great start. Hispanics are very fond of bashing pinatas, and it can still be a great experience for a kid that has never done this before. Even adults like to bash things with sticks, and having to knock the pinata with a blindfold adds to the challenge.

Spinning the child around to disorient them may not be the best idea for younger kids. Young kids do not like to feel humiliated in front of a crowd, and being dizzy might be unpleasant for a kid not used to it. Knocking a pinata is a better ritual for a smaller group. If there are fewer kids, then the odds of embarrassment are smaller and each kid can have several swings.

A birthday party might be a great place to introduce children to new sports. This is especially true if they are more adept at downloading new apps on a smartphone than swinging a plastic baseball bat. A few possible choices are darts or football. Since darts are dangerous for young children and since football is more commonly practiced by older children, introducing these on a birthday could be a great rite of passage. It presents a new activity while acknowledging the growth of the child.

Since children receive presents on their birthday, a lot of activities might dwell on new toys received. Sporting goods such as baseballs and footballs are obvious, but other sports depend on the season. A child who was born in summer might receive water guns and so might have a water gun fight on a birthday. Someone born in the fall might receive foam dart guns instead.

Birthday party activities in winter can be a bit more challenging to figure out, but there are interesting things to do inside and outside in winter. Exercise is the best way to keep warm in cold weather, so winter sports might include a race. There are usually a lot of leaves on the ground into early winter, so hiding small gifting in leaves might be a great challenge. Use your imagination and think of something new each year.

Entertaining Children On The Road

Road trips are supposed to exciting, fun vacations for the whole family but sometimes, especially if there are young children involved, a road trip can quickly turn into an annoying, tiresome misadventure. While children love being in the car and going on adventures, long periods of being cooped up in a small space can turn anyone a little sour and this is even more true for kids.

For many years, parents were limited when it came to ways to entertain children on long drives in the car. The license plate game, singalongs, punch buggy, twenty questions and I spy were some of the games families played on road trips in years past. While some of these driving games are still popular, these days there are many more options available to entertain children on the road.

Technology has had a huge impact on every aspect of the driving world including entertainment options that are not available in many cars. Now you can watch TV, watch movies, listen to any music you want and use WI-FI with your smartphone all inside your vehicle. For kids, this means a wide array of options when they become bored with one thing. Smartphones, in particular, offer endless possibilities for entertainment in the car including game apps, chat apps and all kinds of interactive activities. With Wi-Fi now available in some newer cars and with many phone companies offering cheaper packages with more and more data, hooking up to Wi-Fi is easier than ever so you could also even have a laptop hooked up in the backseat.

While children need to be entertained once and while in the car to keep them from getting restless and cranky, it’s a good idea to limit their use of technology while driving. Not only will too much screen time cause eye strain, headaches and fatigue, it will also take their eyes away from the world outside the window. Unplug the devices once and a while and opt for the old-fashion games that will divert their eyes to the world around them. After all, isn’t that what road trips are really all about?