3 Ideas On How To Entertain Children In The School Holidays

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Children are naturally creative and imaginative. They can amuse themselves for long periods of time. However when the school holidays begin and their usual routine is broken, you may want to schedule some fun activities to entertain children. Often these activities may be influenced by the weather, and you can opt for indoor or outdoor activities accordingly.

1.Plan the Day

A lazy day spent doing things that kids enjoy can be quite satisfying. However too many days spent without a plan can get boring. And so, it is a good idea to plan activities for a few days in the week. To entertain children you can plan to visit a museum or a gallery, or could go to the local leisure center.
You could also plan a movie day, and make some popcorn and watch a film that the children will enjoy. After the movie is over you could plan art and crafts influenced by the film. Harry Potter fans could make wands, and memorize poems and spells. If the film you watched was shot in a foreign location, you could take out an atlas and search for the country. Use the internet to discover more about the culture of the land.

2.Outdoor Fun

Children enjoy the outdoors. You could gift them their own gardening and growing set. It is a good idea to offer them a flower bed or patch where they can grow their own plants. Playing with a ball or a Frisbee is fun, and also helps the children burn some energy. Keep some bubble wands and bubble guns handy. It would be wise to have a few extra bottles of soapy solution ready. Even the most ordinary day can be transformed into something special when children can make some spectacular bubbles.

3.Indoor Activities

If the weather does not permit the children to play outdoors, plan a few indoor activities. You could choose a fun and delicious cooking or baking project, and work on it with the children. Age appropriate books, toys and puzzles can offer hours of joy and satisfaction, and will entertain children.
You may also plan some art and crafts projects for the children. They could make a scrap book that would include pictures and details of all they did in the school holidays. Children love to collect mementos of fun times. They may like to place ticket stubs from a movie they watched, museum tickets, leaves they may have collected and photographs that were taken during the holiday.