Entertaining Children On The Road

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Road trips are supposed to exciting, fun vacations for the whole family but sometimes, especially if there are young children involved, a road trip can quickly turn into an annoying, tiresome misadventure. While children love being in the car and going on adventures, long periods of being cooped up in a small space can turn anyone a little sour and this is even more true for kids.

For many years, parents were limited when it came to ways to entertain children on long drives in the car. The license plate game, singalongs, punch buggy, twenty questions and I spy were some of the games families played on road trips in years past. While some of these driving games are still popular, these days there are many more options available to entertain children on the road.

Technology has had a huge impact on every aspect of the driving world including entertainment options that are not available in many cars. Now you can watch TV, watch movies, listen to any music you want and use WI-FI with your smartphone all inside your vehicle. For kids, this means a wide array of options when they become bored with one thing. Smartphones, in particular, offer endless possibilities for entertainment in the car including game apps, chat apps and all kinds of interactive activities. With Wi-Fi now available in some newer cars and with many phone companies offering cheaper packages with more and more data, hooking up to Wi-Fi is easier than ever so you could also even have a laptop hooked up in the backseat.

While children need to be entertained once and while in the car to keep them from getting restless and cranky, it’s a good idea to limit their use of technology while driving. Not only will too much screen time cause eye strain, headaches and fatigue, it will also take their eyes away from the world outside the window. Unplug the devices once and a while and opt for the old-fashion games that will divert their eyes to the world around them. After all, isn’t that what road trips are really all about?